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Nagios/Icinga(2) Check for Teamspeak™ 3 Server via "voice" port

This perl script is a check script for Nagios™ & Icinga(2) for probing the status of a Teamspeak™ 3 server via its "voice" port (default: 9987/udp).

The check is using a fixed packet sequence including the magic string TS3INIT to initialize a connection und waiting for a valid response. It is useful, if you don't have access to the "serverquery" port (default: 10011/tcp), which allows to do telnet queries, or you really want to know, if the Teamspeak™ 3 server is (really) reachable from external.

Warning: ANY USE OF THE SOFTWARE IS ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK (because it's using a hacky predefined data stream which is usually not the way to go)