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Gladdy - Classic

The most powerful arena addon for WoW TBC 2.5.4 & WotLK 3.4.0

v2.27-Release Download Here

Please consider donating if you like my work


Based on https://github.com/miraage/gladdy

Motivation for this edit

The goal is to make Gladdy highly configurable in it's appearance. Everything can be arranged left or right independently. Also I gave Gladdy a new look with black borders. A lot can be configured.


  • Announcement (drink, trinket usage, spec detection ...)
  • ArenaCountDown
  • Auras (show important (de)buffs as well as interrupts on the class icon)
  • BuffsDebuffs (show buffs and debuffs on arena frames - can be filtered)
  • CastBar (shows a castbar, can be disabled)
  • ClassIcon (or specicon, once detected)
  • Clicks (bind spells or macros to click actions)
  • CombatIndicator (shows a sword icon if unit is in combat)
  • Cooldown (tracks important cooldowns)
  • Diminishing (tracks DRs)
  • ExportImport (share your profile with your friends in the form of a string, which can be imported)
  • Highlight (highlights focus and target)
  • Pets (show arena pets)
  • Racial (show arena racial cooldowns)
  • Range Check (checks the range to a unit by a configurable spell)
  • Shadowsight Timer (shows a little movable frame with time left until Shadow Eyes spawn)
  • TotemPlates (show totem icons instead of normal nameplates, compatible with Plater, NeatPlates, KUI, ThreatPlates, ElvUI, TukUI)
  • TotemPulse (shows pulse on TotemPlate icon or beneath nameplate)
  • Trinket (tracks trinket usage)
  • VersionCheck (checks if you use an older version that your teammate)
  • XiconProfiles (predefined profiles to start your configuration from)

Valid Slash commands

  • /gladdy ui (shows config)
  • /gladdy test (standard 3v3 test mode)
  • /gladdy test1 to /gladdy test5 (test mode with 1-5 frames active)
  • /gladdy hide (hides the frames)
  • /gladdy reset (resets current profile to default settings)



Thank you!

Special Thanks

  • miraage - the origininal author of Gladdy! Your work set the foundation for this edit. Thanks!
  • Schaka - the maintainer of Gladdy! (thanks for letting me continue Gladdy and all the work you put into the TBC community)
  • Macumba (thanks for all the support, your feedback and your dedication for the TBC community)
  • RMO (without you I would not have modified Gladdy at all and thanks for all the suggestions and active feedback)
  • Ur0b0r0s aka DrainTheLock (thanks for testing, giving feedback and correcting/adding wrong CDs)
  • Klimp (thanks for all the suggestions and active feedback)
  • the whole TBC addons 2.4.3 discord (thanks for the support and great community, especially the MVPs)
  • Hydra (thanks for constructive feedback and suggestions)
  • Xyz (thanks for suggestions and extensive testing <3)



  • fix TotemPlates interfering with NeatPlates


  • fix TotemPlates interfering with Plater (thanks again Flamanis)


  • fix TotemPlates interfering with ElvUI (thanks Flamanis)


  • fix for WotLK v30402 (update libs)
  • update DRList
  • fix taint issue on first load up


  • fix for WotLK v30401 (update libs + layers + masks)


  • fixed unwanted committed changes to LibCustomGlow


  • Cooldowns
    • glows minor fix again...
    • more tracking
  • Pets
    • death detection improved
    • detection improved


  • Cooldowns
    • glow changed to PixelGlow
    • glow color configurable
    • improved tracking
    • feign death cd tracking
    • fixed Elemental Mastery and Presence of Mind tracking
  • Auras
    • improved Aura tracking
    • stealthed unit Aura tracking improved
    • fixed Berserking Wrath
  • Totemplates
    • ElvUI fix
    • fix ManaSpringTotem
  • fix Paladin SpecDetection
  • fix DRList conflict with Diminish
  • minor bugfixes/improvements


  • Wrath & BCC support
    • different auras/DRs/Cooldowns/Buffs per expansion
  • Zoomed Icon options added for all modules
  • Cooldowns
    • desaturate icon on cd added
    • alpha on cd added
    • glow on CD active added
  • Diminishing
    • replaced DRData with DRList (your dr-categories options will be reset like "force icon" and what is enabled)
    • zoomed icons
    • changed DR-tracking behaviour (DR will show once aura is applied and start CD once aura fades)
  • Trinket & Racial
    • in Wrath racials like wotf share CD with Trinket and vice versa
    • fixed some potential API bug in Trinket use detection
  • ArenaCountdown
    • uses C_Timer now
  • Import/Export of Profiles
    • profiles should now be able to import/export between BCC and Wrath
    • auras, cooldowns, DRs and buffs/debuffs are ignored
    • positioning, style etc will be transferred between expansions
  • proper Feign Death detection
  • fix detect pet abilities CD like Spell Lock
  • minor bugfixes


  • Cooldowns
    • fixed cooldowns not showing properly for detected spec
    • Nature's Swiftness (Druid/Shaman) now properly tracked
    • improved cd out of stealth detection
  • HealthBar
    • added options class colored or custom colors
    • custom colors for 100%, 50% 0% hp values added
    • custom stealth color added
  • add group option for DRs
  • intercept cd adjusted (-5s for 4pc set bonus)
  • totempulse minor adjustments


  • Totems:
    • added new module TotemPulse (sorry Shamans)
      • displays pulse ticks on all totems that have a pulse mechanic (e.g. tremor totem)
      • either cooldown or bar style
      • attaches to TotemPlates if enabled (con be configured individually by totem)
    • completely hide totem nameplate option added
    • added a dummy totemplate in config mode
    • totem detection is completely localization independent now
  • Cooldowns:
    • completely refactored to fix general bugs
    • can now be ordered individually
    • some cooldown tracking improved for units coming out of stealth (e.g. perception, sprint, shadowstep)
  • Custom Text Tags
    • PowerBar and HealthBar can now have custom tags. Check it out
    • also the texts can be moved to achieve a Blizzlike style with names above HealthBar
  • general improvements to spec detection
    • no more restoration warlocks :D
    • tree of life spec detection should work now
  • fix Announcements
  • added grouping option for Auras (+ Interrupts) in detached mode, ClassIcon, Cooldowns, Trinket, Racial
  • added a "Grow Middle" option, which aligns the gladdy frames on a centric point
  • added frFR localization by Macumba
  • added Flat statusbar texture
  • added some auras (e.g. disarm)
  • added disarm DRs
  • improved some class icons
  • added font OUTLINE option for Health-/Power-/CastBar texts
  • fixed health bug since 2.5.4
  • updated Mir Profile


This is a packed release with new features and bugfixes. Most importantly, positioning of all elements has been redone with movable frames. Thank you for the great feedback and active contribution.

Attention: Once you install this version it will drastically change your current profile! You can't go back to an earlier version. Either back up your WTF or export your Profile before updating!

Here is a list of all changes:

  • major release version set to v2
    • this will mean, that export strings will still be backwards compatible, but not forward (Gladdy v2.x String can't be imported into Gladdy v1.x but vice versa)
  • big overhaul of positioning elements added! All elements besides HP and PowerBar can be moved separately
    • added Mover Frames for Auras, Interrupts, (De)Buffs, CastBar, ClassIcon, CombatIndicator, Cooldowns, DRs, Pets, Racial, Trinket
    • this will hopefully make configuration a lot easier
    • all visible elements' FrameStrata and FrameLevel can be configured (overlap frames how you want it)
  • SpecDetection:
    • fixed spec detection for Paladins
    • added following spells for better spec detection:
      • Expose Weakness (Survival Hunter)
      • Slow (Arcane Mage)
      • Improved Blink (Arcane Mage)
      • Vindication (Retribution Paladin)
      • Holy Shield (Protection Paladin)
      • Vampiric Embrace (Shadow Priest)
      • Blade Flurry (Combat Rogue)
      • Unleashed Rage (Enhancement Shaman)
      • Flurry (Enhancement Shaman)
      • Shamanistic Rage (Enhancement Shaman)
      • Healing Way (Restoration Shaman)
      • Totem of Wrath (Elemental Shaman)
      • Dark Pact (Affliction Warlock)
      • Conflagrate (Destruction Warlock)
      • Shield Slam (Protection Warrior)
  • Cooldowns:
    • added Fear Ward and Fear Ward Cooldown Detection in case it was used before arena
    • added following cooldowns:
      • Scare Beast (Hunter)
      • Feign Death (Hunter)
      • Viper Sting (Hunter)
      • Flare (Hunter)
      • Fear Ward (Priest)
      • Shadow Word: Death (Priest)
      • Evocation (Mage)
      • Grounding Totem (Shaman)
      • Spell Lock (Warlock)
      • Devour Magic (Warlock)
      • Intercept (Warrior)
  • Auras/Interrupts:
    • can now be detached from ClassIcon and positioned/scaled anywhere separately
    • added Auras:
      • Scare Beast (Hunter)
      • Fear Ward (Priest)
  • Shadowsight:
    • reset timer when buff was taken
    • add a configurable 2nd timer or show one timer with the closest CD
  • CastBar Icon can be enabled/disabled
  • Trinket solid color option added
    • color for Trinket on/off CD can be configured (red/green by default)
  • fixed some DR-categories (Hibernate / Chastice / Dragonsbreath / ImpConcussiveShot / Counterattack)
  • Pixel Perfect option added (makes your Gladdy Frames pixel perfect - no more weird scaling interferences)
  • Pets can be grouped (not perfect yet, but a first step)
  • added DR-Level Text (thanks https://github.com/ManneN1)
  • added zhCN Locale (thanks https://github.com/veiz)
  • ClassIcon can be disabled
  • add interrupt announcement
  • detect SpellLock and Devour Magic cooldowns properly
  • minor fixes:
    • fixed reloading during arena to properly show all frames
    • fix grow up positioning


  • fixed import for some localizations not working
  • added cooldown number alpha configurations for Auras, BuffsDebuffs, Cooldowns, Diminishings, Racial & Trinket
  • grounding totem effect fix
  • fixed some buffs/debuffs not being present in BuffsDebuffs


  • fixed error when hiding blizzard frames ArenaEnemyFrames related to ElvUI
  • added Pummel cooldown


  • configurable DR duration
  • scale in 0.01 percent steps
  • added Net-o-Matic, Nigh Invulnerablility Shield, Nigh Invulnerablility Backfire & Flee (Skull of Impending Doom) to Auras
  • added Mangle, Chastise, Avenging Wrath, Rapid Fire to BuffsDebuffs
  • improved testmode to only activate Auras/Buffs/Debuffs/Dr's that are actually enabled
  • added Mir's profile to XiconProfiles
  • added zhTW localization
  • added buttons for Test, Hide & Reload in the config
  • added version in config
  • ArenaCountdown upgrade
  • Repentance, Freezing Trap & Wyvern Sting are now disorients
  • import string now ignores errors on deleted options
  • added (un)checkAll button in DR-Categories in Diminishing Module
  • totemplates fix option to alter all colors/alphas
  • hide blizzard arena pets as well
  • fix shadowsight timer showing when not in arena or testmode
  • some minor refactoring / optimization


  • fix gladdy frames not showing v2
  • minor bug fixes


  • castbar font now working properly


  • option TimerFormat added (seconds or seconds + milliseconds) (General > Cooldown General > Timer Format)
  • hide blizzard arena frames without cvars
  • fix Gladdy bugging out on arena join when in combat
  • fix some TotemPlates issues
  • fix Feign Death causing to reset DR and Aura tracking
  • ArenaX option in Healthbar module now only shows the number
  • add background for all frames (General > Frame General > Background Color)
  • add evasion and banish to Aura
  • add MSBT to Announcement module
  • Shadowsight timer can be locked now
  • add "All" modifier to Clicks module
  • updated testmode for BuffsDebuffs (show only from enabled set)
  • updated Klimp's profile
  • added a new Profile in XiconProfiles -> Rukk1


  • unit gray in stealth when rangecheck module disabled


  • hotfix added entangling roots nature's grasp


  • hotfix for secure button grow direction up


  • frames behave now to mouseover macros
  • added Range Check module (configurable which spell is used for range check)
  • added Shadowsight Timer module (with announce)
  • added Clicks module
  • added Interrupt Tracker in Aura module (border color by spell school locked)
  • TotemPlates compatible with Plater, NeatPlates, KUI, ThreatPlates, ElvUI, TukUI
  • added a new Classic Profile in XiconProfiles
  • hide blizzard arena frames option added in General
  • castbar enable/disable
  • powerbar enable/disable
  • added some auras (Blackout, Improved Hamstring, Mace Stun, Stormherald Stun, Shadowsight Buff)
  • added Swiftmend and Berserker Rage cooldowns
  • changed textures for Mace Stun, Charge Stun and Intercept Stun
  • reduced BLP size by 80%
  • show XiconProfiles on first login
  • DR bigger icons possible
  • minor fixes


  • fix classic profile


  • TotemPlates fix after blizzard update


  • fix german and russian client not working
  • ArenaCountdown loacalization now working for all languages (except itIT...beta has no option to select italian)
  • Race and Class localization working for all languages
  • Localization finished for German


  • fix Blizzard profile not having all modules preconfigured


  • fix Buffs not showing on class icon
  • added option highlight to be inside
  • added option to grow frames vertically
  • added new profile to XiconProfile (Blizzard raid style)
  • minor bugfixes


  • CombatIndicator module added
  • spec icon option added to Classicon module
  • arena1-5 for name option added
  • add a couple buffs to LibClassAuras
  • add blessing of sacrifice and intervene to auras
  • general options updated to apply font/borders/etc for all frames
  • XiconProfiles updated
  • /gladdy test1-5 now possible
  • fix PowerBar text updates
  • click through frames exept health/power bar
  • add mask texture for icons


  • fixed BuffsDebuff module
  • fix racial texture reset
  • minor bugfixes


  • fixed Aura-Module
  • Racial module added to EventListener and Version check updated
  • constants for auras/cooldowns/racials updated
  • anchoring for modules rewritten
  • fix Aura module options (localization independent for profile export)
  • Power-/HealthBar customize texts added and UNIT_DESTROYED added
  • Racial module added and trinket modified
  • XiconProfiles import strings
  • Pets position extended
  • delete unused saved variables
  • ExportImport, VersionCheck & XiconProfiles fix
  • TotemPlates add option to show friendly/enemy icons


  • XiconProfiles fixed


  • port form 2.4.3