This is the server for the XTR (XiCoN Trace Route).
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This is the server for the XTR (XiCoN Trace Route). It’s more of a master browser for the clients, so an web frontend can get a list of all the available clients combined from one auto-updated source. It opens a port and listening to HTTP requests (GET and PUT). It can list all online and offline clients. It also accepts new client entries via a PUT request (target client address in database has to be the request ip).

The server keeps the list of clients up2date with checking their availablity with each request of all online clients.

This software uses the iptoasn database ( to determine the AS for each client. To keep track of all ip to asn relations, this software creates a local database file “ip2asn.db”, which is a simple SQLite3 database with an index for faster searches.

For now, only IPv4 clients are supported. This will change in the future.